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Why Sago ?

SAGO Finance

Caring about people 

We team up with you in the challenge to engage your people to be their best and make the company more valuable, for everybody.

Finding the truth about finances, will simplify and, in the same time, enrich your employees' lives.

This is why we’ve created Financial Wellbeing Program: to empower employees empower themselves and be their best.

We believe that 

The truth is always simple. 


Our Mission 


SAGO's Mission is to change people’s attitude towards personal finance and empower them create more value, for themselves, their family, the company they belong to and for the society they live in.

We believe that people create business value.

Our Values

SAGO is Independent.

We always offer unbiased advice.


SAGO is Caring and friendly.

We always treat others as we would like to be treated.


SAGO is Professional.

We always do the best we can. Our results are backed up by our previous work in banking, financial services, human resources and management.