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Personalised advice to help you make a plan and start to build wealth.

Let's meet


Find out how we will help you in your free introductory meeting. 

We are enthusiastic to know more about you!

 Free    Time: 30'

Start to build a better financial life


Your dedicated financial professional will help you manage, protect and grow your financial life.

 Price: 320 lei.  Time: 60'

How does it work?

Schedule a meeting

at a date convenient for you, using our secure, online calendar system. 

At Work

Plan your meeting

We'll follow-up with an email with a link for the Zoom meeting and a list of items to prepare in advance.

Talk to your Advisor

On your meeting, your advisor will provide tailored guidance based on your goals and your situation . 

Meet The Advisors


Adnana POPA

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Adnana is a former professional banker and she has been helping people manage their finances for over 15 years, both personally and for their business.

Adnana's specialisations are : Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Estate Planning, Divorce Financial Planning, Real Estate and Debt&Risk Management.

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