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It's time for 

Personal Finance Education

Tailored services for companies focused on employee wellness.

Should you consider Personal Finance Education

for your company? 



Of Romanian Employees spend their entire salary on a monthly basis and live pay check  to pay check, with a negative impact on their general Wellbeing. 
How about you?
Test your Financial Wellbeing

We design programs tailored to your 

organisation's needs


Initial Assessment of company needs
Personalized Program Development
Program Delivery
 and Implementation 

And strive to help employees achieve specific goals


We change employees' attitude towards personal finances and empower them to be their best.

More knowledge, less anxiety!

A healthier relationship with money

The program is designed to help employees implement

 healthier financial management behaviours, that last.

Long term financial habits

We help them plan and think differently about how to achieve objectives like: buying a house, investing for child education or how to have a happy retirement.

 Financial Planning

for a bright future


Because happy employees create a positive company culture


Happier employees will  create a positive and a more collaborative company culture. 

Building a much stronger

company culture

Less financial stress means

more productive employees.

Less absenteeism.

Better retention.

Productivity increasing

Better Say, Stay and Strive. Empowered employees creating more value for everybody.

Improve employee engagement


Empower your employees to improve their financial wellness! 



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